What we do ?

Along with the agenda to be one of the leading mobile companies, Tambo aims to redefine technology and the business of telephony in India. Conceptualised and established in 2018 in India, Tambo has a long-term vision to empower every Indian. Tambo aims to do business differently, efficiently and driven by systems to give maximum value to its customers, partners and people. The core of its business philosophy is transparency, humility, honesty and care, which it envisions will help lead the charge towards progress.

Tambo has a product portfolio of Superphones and Powerphones to enable greater flexibility and mobility in people’s lives. Through its products, Tambo aims to deliver delight, durability and design. Its utmost goal is to help fulfil dreams and enrich lives by bringing in innovative products and superior technology.


Our vision is to help fulfill dreams and enrich lives of our customers, partners and people with our products.


To deliver delight, durability and design through innovation, technology and ways of doing business.

CEO Speak

We aim to redefine technology in telephony, central to our inter-connected world, and lead the charge towards progress. We are here to do business differently, efficiently, driven by systems, and give maximum value to our customers, partners and people. The core of our business philosophy is transparency, humility, honesty and care.

It is an incredible honour for me to lead Tambo and serve you. Mobile phones empower people, and in doing so create magical things, which ultimately makes the world a better place. It is one of the best ways to communicate and make a difference. This is where the idea of Tambo germinated and we will strive hard to bring the best products to India and the world. Your support will be crucial for our journey ahead.

At Tambo, we are hungry to do more and better. Our industry respects innovation and efficiency. In this critical time for the industry, as technology evolves, we hope to evolve with and ahead of it. Tambo, with its focus on products, will do its best to take the industry to great heights.

With Tambo, we aim to humbly fulfill dreams and enrich the lives of our partners and our team. We aim to redefine technology in telephony, central to our inter-connected world and lead the charge towards progress. With the core of our business philosophy being transparency, we will take extraordinary care to bring to you great value in doing business with us. We will be efficient, honest, systematic and process driven, and also give technologically supreme products.

We are dedicated to maintaining and increasing the quality of product along with innovation, support and services. Together our focus will always remain customer centric. Our channel partners can expect to see increased market opportunities through various programmes and schemes. The opportunity ahead will require us to reimagine a lot of what we have done in the past and do new things.

We believe, we have unparalleled capability to make an impact. We need to believe in the impossible and remove the improbable. In keeping with this spirit, let us join hands in working for a brighter future.

- Sudhir Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Our Team

Our mission is to keep growing. Our team of Human Resource professionals anchor us to our foundations and help us shoot for the stars. Tambo’s environment helps every employee to bring their whole and best self to work. At Tambo, we don’t just accept difference—we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products, and our community. Tambo is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer. Diversity and inclusion isn’t just something we do. It’s part of who we are.

We believe that innovation thrives in a workforce that includes employees with a wide range of life experiences and a supportive culture that lets great ideas rise to the top. We believe that inclusiveness drives empathy for our customers. That’s why we continuously strive to create a workforce that reflects the demographics of those we serve, helping us create products that solve important problems and exceed expectations. Not just co-workers, we are proud Tambo colleagues who help our company thrive.